A brand-new apron in being built

A-Group is beginning to build a brand-new own business aviation apron in Moscow Sheremetyevi International Airport

Aircraft parkings is one of most demanded business aviation services in Russia. As the number of flights constantly grows, A-Group begins a large-scale expansion of the apron areas in the immediate vicinity of its own Terminal A of Sheremetyevo International Airport.

The new apron will feature optimal location, uniting a new A-Group hangar, passenger Terminal A, a helipad and new parking spaces in an integrated business aviation complex. It will be located right next to the main taxiway. That will allow taxiing and take-off in a minimum time.

New apron surface will be 71 650 sq.m that will allow to accommodate 20 aircraft with of up to 50 tons MTOW, plus three helicopters. It will also include own separate anti-icing platform, a helicopter pad, VIP aircraft parking in front of the terminal, special vehicles roads and aircraft taxi routes .

The apron will allow both the landing / disembarkation of passengers and the maintenance of aircraft. The territory of the facility will be equipped with modern engineering systems and power supply from a separate power units. There will be a new fuel complex next to the platform.

It is also worth mentioning that A-Group also owns the hangar complex on the territory of Sheremetyevo, consisting of three buildings with total surface more than 16,500 m2, and with capacity up to 32 business aviation aircraft. A-Group customers also can use two hangars with a total area of 6400 m2 at the Pulkovo International Airport in St. Petersburg.