A-Group successfully passed the IATA DAQCP audit

Experts of the international organization studied the work of A-Group FBO Moscow on the part of aircraft de-icing and issued a positive report.

A-Group is one of the main providers of de-icing services at Sheremetyevo International Airport. The company owns its own fleet of 10 Vestergaard Elephant vehicles, 420,000-litre liquid storage with autonomous power supply, and its own certified quality control laboratory.

Thanks to this A-Group can provide not only business jets de-icing at FBO Moscow, but also provides appropriate services to regular airlines, as well as freight operators in partnership with Sheremetyevo Handling LLC. Those airlines are SkyTeam, Star Alliance, and OneWorld members.

A-Group annually passes a voluntary international DAQCP audit (De-icing/Antiicing Quality Control Pool).

The De-Icing/Anti-Icing Quality Control Pool known as DAQCP is an audit organization which was founded in 1997 by a group of international airlines with the target to share their workload and save costs for auditing of companies which are providing de-icing / anti-icing services and post de-icing / anti-icing checks at airports with winter operations.

DAQCP is an independent audit organization founded in 1997 by a group of major airlines under IATA supervision. Today DAQCP includes 136 airlines. The organization conducts annual audits of more than 600 ground handling companies in 300 airports around the world. DAQCP experts are specialists from the largest airlines in fields of quality, aircraft maintenance, and flight safety. Quality control is based on SAE / ICAO / IATA global standards.

Audits are conducted from October to April and are based on checklists, which are updated annually with the latest de-icing requirements and technologies. Safety-related findings are reported to all members immediately.

In 2020 the audit at FBO Moscow was conducted in late February with the participation of Alitalia experts. They didn't note any faults and issued a completely positive report on A-Group de-icing services. This confirms A-Group's status as a reliable and professional ground handling operator.