Pulkovo Terminal A

Passenger terminal as a piece of art

Pulkovo Terminal A in St. Petersburg is the nearest to the city, featuring a convenient access from the Pulkovskoye highway and St. Petersburg ring road.

Clients of FBO St. Petersburg can take advantage of quick pre-flight formalities and get on board with no delays.

The interior of the landmark terminal really creates an impression. All the details of the golden age of aviation have been carefully restored.

Being a heritage building, the terminal is equipped with modern technology for the comfort, safety and security required for today’s business aviation.

Two minutes from car to plane

We value our customers’ time. Our service is built in such a way that you can get from your car to the plane in just a couple of minutes. As soon as you arrive, you are already on board! No matter if your flight is domestic or international.

In less than 15 minutes from arrival at the FBO, you’ll take off from the runway. Everything is ready for the flight and you don’t need to wait. The airport and FBO work together, just like clockwork.

Everything the crew may need

We care about the comfort of the professionals, ensuring a pleasant and safe flight. There are all the amenities needed for the crew to have a rest and prepare for the flight.

Pilots have the wonderful opportunity to recharge their batteries, have a shower, change their clothes and receive all the preflight briefing information.