A-Group sums up 2018

<b>A-Group constructed its own apron in Sheremetyevo, designed especially for business aviation aircraft. <br>
The new infrastructure is attracting new customers and significantly increasing traffic.
The new Sheremetyevo apron, operational since June 2018 and located right in front of Terminal A and A-Group’s hangar no. 2, provides comfort, operational efficiency and minimal taxi time, and has 25 parking places for different classes of aircraft, most of which do not require towing for departure.
Launching the Sheremetyevo apron at the right time allowed A-Group to serve the World Cup at the highest level, with zero delays or FBO difficulties despite the phenomenal increase in numbers of flights on the first and final days of the championship.
The reconstruction of the Pulkovo business aviation apron was also completed by the beginning of the World Cup.
Quick return flights at FBOs increased in number by 37% compared to 2017, passenger traffic on these flights increased by 53% and, overall, the total number of flights increased by 33% compared with 2017, with the World Cup providing 6.5% of this traffic increase.
The most popular international destinations remain Nice, Minsk, London, Riga and Vienna, while the most popular domestic flights are between Moscow and St Petersburg, then to Sochi, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don, with the flights split 53% international and 47% domestic.
The increased numbers of flights are positively affecting ground handling statistics; for example, the number of de-icing operations increased by an impressive 21% compared with 2017.
Active marketing and an efficient sales strategy are driving growth, with successful trade show and industry forum appearances as well as well-thought-out PR support helping to attract new customers and build good relationships with regular partners.
A-Group awards an ‘honourable’ rating to frequent-flyer partner companies including Aviatis, RusAero, FTC Consulting, Premier Avia, VipJet, VistaJet, Luxaviation and SmartJet, and sincerely thanks all partners who have chosen its FBOs for their flights.
Development isn’t going to slow down in 2019, according to A-Group Marketing Director Nadezhda Turovskaya: ‘We plan to adhere to this strategy that has already justified itself: more quick-return flights, especially foreign ones; plenty of places for planes and everything to handle them; terminals with huge potential for serving passengers with highest-level quality and comfort; and greatly improved ground handling and customer service processes.’
Turovskaya says: ‘We’re not going to stop developing our infrastructure, either; we’ll be delighting the market with good news on this topic again later in the year.’