FBO Moscow

Ground Handling

A-Group is the dedicated ground-handling provider for business aviation at Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport

We’re focused on business jet handling, but we also provide our services to many passenger and cargo airlines, including worldwide alliances members.

A-Group handling includes our own cleaning, catering and other services. A-Group is the official de-icing provider.

The best flights begin from the best airport

Sheremetyevo International Airport provides a simple and straightforward exit from the Moscow air traffic zone. Well-thought-out air navigation schemes and no flight restriction zones allow planes to take off and land without wasting time.

Two runways allow the airport to run safely with no delays, regardless of the weather. From the summer of 2019, the third runway will start service at Sheremetyevo.

A-Group Moscow FBO is an essential part of Sheremetyevo International Airport and fully integrated into its day-to-day workflow.

The efficient process of slot allocation guarantees all ground handling services, no flight rejections and departure on time.